Can you dig it? James releases his first gardening book!

JAMES is really proud to announce that, hot on the heels of his first book “Talking About Pop Music”, he has now published his first gardening book!

“Finding The Plot: 12 months of garden discovery” brings together some of his favourite horticultural projects and ideas into one handy month-by-month guide to your gardens.

“Finding The Plot: 12 months of garden discovery” is out now via Kindle Direct Publishing, priced £12.99.

James wants to get green-fingered folk out and about in their outdoor space all-year round in this full-colour title.

Aimed at those people who have perhaps recently discovered the space beyond the back door of their home during lockdown, or have rekindled their love of the garden in this year of Covid-19, this useful book will keep people’s minds and bodies active with some handy ideas and useful tasks.

With colour pictures taken in gardens James has maintained and designed over the past couple of decades, each chapter has a theme relevant to the time of year and a handy list of important jobs to carry out for that month.

James Iles has been the ‘de facto’ gardening editor of a regional newspaper group for more than a decade now, as well as writing garden features for other publications, and previously ran his own horticultural maintenance and design business.

He hopes his first gardening book will help people find sanctuary in their outdoor space in what has been a very worrying time in the world.

“More people than ever are discovering the joys of getting to grips with their gardens, often as a way to boost mental health,” said James.

“Escaping to the garden is sometimes our only route away from the stresses and strains of the world, such as worrying about our family, friends and finances.

“ ‘Finding The Plot’ offers an all-year round guide to gardening that will hopefully help people feel much healthier and happier too.”

‘Finding The Plot: 12 months of garden discovery’ is priced £12.99 and available to buy direct from Amazon at

Published by James Iles

Journalist, production editor, features writer, music lover, gardening enthusiast and published author. Get in touch if you would like to work with me.

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